Stripped Down Villa, 2013 Micro-Estate SDV . 10  












ORGAN_A - Stripped-Down Villa : Micro-Estate - S*D*V . 10

Jason Vigneri-Beane <>

Project Statement

Stripped-Down Villas : Micro-Estates (S*D*V) are part of an on-going project that compact selected aspects of luxuriant living conditions down to a formulation of MICRO-ESTATES.

SDV.10 --- ORGAN_A : Landscape System + Domestic Unit + Ecological Augmentation Drones /// The Organ_A is a composite landscape-building-swarm. It is meant to function as an architectural pod-as-middle-man between a synthetic micro-ecology and cloud-driven skynet of drones that harvest, process and relay information about climate, ecological activity, health and any number of other streams of data that an inhabitant may care to access. While it taps into the vastness of bio-systems and information-networks it as also fundamentally hyperlocal. It is simultaneously embedded into and differentiated from the pre-fabricated terrain in/on which it is formed. The terrain, in turn, is meant to support a small yet diversified micro-ecology that routs and collects water, provides vegetated areas that can either remain cultivated or become wild. Insofar as it is an entirely prefabricated complex (from the skynet to the x-pod to the frost-line level of the earth-implanted synthetic ecology) it is deliverable (pre-planted and populated with flora and fauna) to any number of climatologically suitable properties around the world. And this deployability and connectivity allows an entire distributed population of these complexes to function as both hyperlocal objects and synthetic architectural superorganism with multiple levels of agency.