Stripped Down Villa, 2014 Micro-Estate

SDV . 12















ORGAN_C ///////// ALIEN_EMBED - Stripped-Down Villa : Micro-Estate - S*D*V . 12

Jason Vigneri-Beane <>

Project Statement

Stripped-Down Villas : Micro-Estates (S*D*V) are part of an on-going project that compact selected aspects of luxuriant living conditions down to a formulation of MICRO-ESTATES.

SDV.12 --- ORGAN_C /// CLOUD-SEEDER_6 : Landscape System + Synthetic Micro-Ecology + Ecological Augmentation Drones /// The ORGAN_C_CLOUD-SEEDER_6 is a synthetic micro-ecological complex that consists of two mobile control centers that dock into a prefabricated landscape, the prefabricated landscape that has water-harvesting/filtration/storage tanks embedded in it and a swarm of drones that perform hyper-local cloudseeding routines. The complex deploys three operative design principles: the surface, the mech and the swarm. The landscape and the mech are co-evolved to coordinate with each other logistically, organizationally, infrastructurally and geometrically. They manage the hydro-ecological results of the cloudseeding routines performs by the cloudseeder drones. The drones, in turn, are quite autonomous from the mech and landscape but are constrained to an X,Y range of distance that keeps them in a tight relationship with the site except when releaesed to obtain refills of cloudseeding catalysts such as dry ice and hygroscopic material. (Silver-iodide and liquid propane are discouraged.) While the CLOUD-SEEDER_6 complex is shown above as a single landscape-swarm, recommended use is in a fielded-format or modular-terrain consisting of several complexes assembled into a cloudseeding farm.