AEROPHYTE_X - Stripped-Down Villa : Micro-Estate - S*D*V . 02

Jason Vigneri-Beane <>

Project Statement

Stripped-Down Villas : Micro-Estates (S*D*V) are part of an on-going project thatcompact selected aspects of luxuriant living conditions down to a formulation of MICRO-ESTATES.

SDV.02 --- AEROPHYTE_X is a future niche-filler for innovative habitats. It is a compact multi-level living unit that has a non-invasive yet reciprocal relationship with its location in that is does not penetrate the ground but does irrigate it with nutrient-rich run-off that asists in cultivating a vegetative perimeter of soft-differentiation. Its rooftop catchment basin stores 220 gallons of water for filtered domestic use and its array of twenty-six planters fosters both a hanging screen of vegetation and drip-nozzles for ground-level irrigation. The bottom panel of the living encasement acts both as elevator to the rasied unit and operable patio for indoor/outdoor living. It also comes equipped with skylights and a rooftop lighting array for ease of location in innovative habitats. The AEROPHYTE_X exists in anticipation of impending crises over normative uses of land in relation to continuing consolidated privatization, differential population expansion, pressure on habitats through climate change, emergent forms of settlement and so on.