AIR_CULEX - Stripped-Down Villa : Micro-Estate - S*D*V . 05

Jason Vigneri-Beane <>

Project Statement

Stripped-Down Villas : Micro-Estates (S*D*V) are part of an on-going project thatcompact selected aspects of luxuriant living conditions down to a formulation of MICRO-ESTATES.

SDV.05 --- AIR_CULEX is a future niche-filler for innovative habitats in unpopulated environments such as swamps, bogs, bayous, deltas, marshlands, wetlands and other wet-logged landscapes. It is a compact living unit that reflects the pressure on architectural equipment to coevolve with non-normative sites in a way that is independent of property/grounding yet highly specified to interface with natural/non-natural provisions such as airflow and water. A five-unit array of compact turbines gives it just enough lift to hover above any fluid-saturated landscape and drift from one location to another. A dual-proboscis array allows its owner to siphon and filter water for domestic use. AIR_CULEX is airborne, short-run mobile and, due to its structural self-sufficiency and resource independence, sees micro-living as interconnected with property-independence and decentralized infrastructure.