Stripped Down Villa, 2012 Micro-Estate SDV . 07  














SOFT_CELL - Stripped-Down Villa : Micro-Estate - S*D*V . 07

Jason Vigneri-Beane <>

Project Statement

Stripped-Down Villas : Micro-Estates (S*D*V) are part of an on-going project thatcompact selected aspects of luxuriant living conditions down to a formulation of MICRO-ESTATES.

The Soft Cell series consists of variations on relationships among a domestic living unit, a prefabricated landscape and technological augmentations. Across the series, the three Soft Cell packages each include a domestic pod that is jacked into an engineered ecology that, in turn, is grafted into an existing terrain.

In general, the Soft Cell domestic pod is designed to be both separated from and connected to the prefabricated site in which it sits. Separation: It is a prefabricated module that, as such, reduces on-site construction waste and minimizes impact on the ecology by minimizing the built connection to it via foundations. The unit is delivered to the site and jacked-in. Its interior, like its exterior, is largely comprised of seamless and molded construction with technologies embedded in its surfaces. Connection: It is jacked into the site in order to harvest data and resources. Data: The Soft Cell package monitors ecological phenomena in order to better maintain ecological health for the resident as well as the synthetic ecology that comprises its engineered sitework. A meshwork of site-embedded sensors provides data-streams for such phenomena as soil health, animal activity, botanical vitality and so on. A variety of ex-bedded sensors monitor hyper-local atmospheric features such as air speed and pressure, contaminant levels, airborne animal activity, moisture content and overall air quality. In some Soft Cell packages the sensing is performed techno-socially while in others a bio-indicator package (with add-ons) provides organic ecological feedback and direct evidence of ecological health. Resources: The Soft Cell series minimizes imported energy by harvesting novel energies from large quantities of small sources. Most of these sources are comprised of metabolic activity and heat-generating processes occurring within the local ecology that, when taken as a collective, can be significant.

Then Soft Cell sitework is primarily a prefabricated synthetic ecology. It is constructed off-site and then delivered, installed, brought online and cultivated to grow into a vital, perhaps eventually “patch-wild” ecology. (Patch-wild: A clearly delimited portion of an ecosystem with a synthetic base that is then allowed to grow wild through lack of human entry.) Soft Cell site packages come with a variety of options for energy harvesting technologies, data-mining platforms, soil depths and compositions, vegetation types and cultivation infrastructures, technology reception sockets and implants and plant/animal bio-indicator packages. It is an ecology that is engineered and techno-socially augmented to provide a robust living environment for flora/fauna, environmental information and innovative energy supplies.

SDV.07 --- SOFT_CELL JACKED : Landscape System + Domestic Unit + Micro-Machine A /// The Soft Cell Jacked variant is a compact prefabricated living unit that is minimally seamed and differentiated for air flow and filtration. It has a centralized double-core that sits outboard in the landscape and feeds both information and energy to the pod. In addition, a sensor-patch on the opposite end of the site from the double-core harvests environmental information while a mesh network embedded in the soil layer of the site monitors underground activity. The landscape consists of manicured and wild vegetation, lichen-rich surfaces to indicate air quality and algae-fuel micro-ponds.